Check General

Today is a sad day in the history of India. Now even the Army Chief has become the butt of a controversy for his remarks on Kashmiri youths waving Pakistani and ISIS flags.

The Congress spokesman P Chidambaram has criticised the General’s observations as intemperate, attributing the percolation to change in Kashmire policy by the the present dispensation.

Indeed a regrettable action coming from a highly experienced person like Chidambaram who has held important ministries including home and defence in the past. But why should he be blamed for ? Is it for starting a new trend of dragging the army to political controversies, or to have lent himself as a willing link to add to this latest trend of politicising of the country’s defence ?

In our search for, by now famous habit of, calling all the shots to make things sensational (at times even without substance), we have even not spared the army. Army operations in peace time is normally kept under wraps from public domain. But in our irresponsible zest to derive political mileage, we have started a trend of running to microphones within hours. First it was a minister on Yangon and when criticism mounted it was army itself on (by now a jocular expression in India) “Surgical Strike”.

All the above are now answerable for weakening the defence capability of India; be it strategy, skill or even morale of armed forces. Modi should tell us what for Rajvardhan was allowed to start a new trend of making army operational details public. Chidambaram should let us know if it was responsible of him to attack the Army Chief through media. And last but not the least, the Army needs to explain as to what strategic advantage they derived by making the “Surgical Strike” public this time, when they have undertaken numerous such strikes since 1947; because without such a clarification their cadres have to put up with accusation of pursuing a political agenda.

To say such development sordid is rather an understatement. This is a new low in the otherwise exemplary tradition of Indian Armed Forces.


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