Confused in Modernity

My son loaded the UBER App on my phone and advised me to use it whenever I required in Delhi. He vouched the application to be very user friendly and that journey with UBER is both safe and void of any cheating whatsoever.

I decided to put it on test after I alighted from the Agra bus at Pari Chowk.

I let the application read my position and punched the destination. The screen flashed with the name, photo and contact number of the driver.

I called up the driver and he informed that he will be with me in a minute.

Minutes went on ticking. It was more than 10 minutes now and there was no sight of the cab. I tried calling the driver with an almost drained off battery, but the voice was breaking. He was asking me the exact location where I was standing and I didn’t know how to explain. I furiously went on blurting out all the sign boards surrounding me. And now the phone was about to go dead. Was in a real fix.

However after about half an hour of ranting and jostling, we met each other.

The driver, a young lad in his mid twenties, jumped out of the cab and helped me load the heavy suitcase; all the time profusely apologising for the delay. It was humility written all over. He started the trip counter.

As we were driving down, I enquired if he owned the cab. “Haan Sir Ji” he replied with a wide smile.

We reached the destination and he informed me that he has closed my trip. As he was about to leave, I enquired “Kahan tak padhe ho Bhaiya?”

He smiled self effacingly and replied “Sir I am an MBA.” and drove off.

For quite some time I was intrigued whether the parting smile of the young lad was a poser to my generation? Was he asking me, if I discharged my responsibility well enough to help better my next generation ?

Just don’t know. None of my answers stand even my own mental simulation. We have no other way than to carry the guilt to our grave.

God bless the kid. I gave a full five star in my assessment of the driver at the end of the trip, apparently doing justice to my obligation to the society !!


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