The Arrogant Governor

In our first English class in the very 1st year of engineering, my Late Professor Budhadeb Panda, chose to discuss the need to study English in a technical curriculum. He forewarned the would-be-engineers that, not only would their services be used for engineering on completing the course, but they would also be walking away from this college as managers and technocrats; which would require them to discharge administrative functions too. This is where he said the knowledge of English would come in handy.

And whether technocrat or not, I instantly became a Manager from the first day itself, as I discovered some one hundred people reporting to this engineering fresher. My immediate reaction was one of excitement and a passion to learn.

I still remember the first inter-departmental meeting I attended in late seventies. My General Manager was asking each and everyone about the difficulties in their designated area. But what surprised me most was, his sincerity in soliciting everyone’s opinion and encouragement to youngsters to actively part take in the deliberations. To my young mind it was intriguing as to what could be the necessity for the all powerful General Manager to listen laboriously to each one of the members, when he could just order things done the way he decided!

But as I added years to my experience, I learned the huge benefit a Manager derived through interactions and consultations, though he always had the final say in the matter. This was a method where all the participants had job satisfaction and the result while carrying the unmistakable proprietary managerial style, was essentially a win win situation bringing out the synergy of the participants. More complex the job, more extensive and time taking the gestation for decision making.

But like every conceivable phenomenon, there are exceptions here too. If the boss happens to be an expert in each facet of management, then such consultations become meaningless exercises and are only waste of time. To understand this, let’s take the recent example of the role of this superbly efficient and all knowledgeable character called Narendra Bhai Modi and his pet project, which if not anything else transformed him literally in to a jerk dancing on the podium while lecturing economics to the hired illiterate audience.

I was thoroughly enjoying it, when a message from my good friend made me rethink about this highly bold and successful venture of fantasy. This is about an old couple in their seventies staying in the same apartment as that of my friend. All their three children are married and well settled; the only son being in Gulf, a daughter in New Zealand and the youngest daughter in Mumbai.

However destiny struck their peaceful retirement life, when the lady, a retired Doctor herself, was diagnosed with cancer. But the loving husband left no stops to snatch her from pangs of death; albeit unsuccessfully.

Finally the lady succumbed to her dreaded decease in 2012. At 73 it was too much of a shock for the widower to pull on all alone. Failing health due to age related disorders finally forced him to relocate to Mumbai to stay with his youngest daughter.

But it was not until this February, the sad truth came out. The old man apparently had drawn two lacs for treatment of his wife and with still ₹32,000 in hand, she died. The grief was too much for the gentleman to remember about this balance cash left in the bank locker. It was only recently discovered by his daughters while they were trying to clean the locker for surrendering.

Now the question is how in Modi’s (or for that matter the more visible Shaktikant Das) scheme of things this genuine problem can be addressed ? Now the owner of the cash is hardly in a position to make errands to add to the sadistic grin of this man of empty rhetoric. Then who is to blame for this undeserved hardship of an old man? Is this not ridiculous the least said ? Are such adhocism given to the Prime Minister of a country like India?

The photoshop sharing public defending Modi’s high tech currencies (which however can be replicated betraying the invincibility as usual), may add a dozen ways to run down the old man’s plight, but such incidences of raw torture and the Government’s deafening silence on the wrongs committed says all about their empathy; theatrics notwithstanding.


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