Is Z+ a Status Symbol for the Indian ?

Even with all these brouhaha in recent times about the VVIP culture, the remarkable oratory of politicians on their eagerness to serve the country and Z+ security almost have been moving parallely. In fact the lecturers only vent their idealism from within this royal security cover, not so much for negating the threat but for the grandeur the cover entails to its subject.

Now who decides the entitlement for such cover and more importantly what are the criteria?

VVIP security is decided by a committee comprising Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials, home secretary and the home minister. Sometimes security cover is provided on recommendation of the state government. Obviousely its in the discretion of these members to accord this public obiesance without being explainable to the public on the veracity of their decision.

So in their own wisdom they think that the front runner in Fortune list Mukesh Ambani needs a Z+, while you and I have precious little to resist.

But what about that police informer who is under constant threats from extremists? Poor fellow doesn’t even get a police constable to serve as a moral support. He is left to be liquidated smoothly and then again we shed some crocodile tears from the bullet proof enclosure disharging our duty as real patriots.

For politicians the threat perception seems almost permanent. Their security is never withdrawn or downgraded. Even Ex-PM’s kins continue to live with the security threat for the life even after the Ex-PM himself has left for his heavenly abode. The option for such kins to return the cover is hardly excercised and if at all it happens, the incumbant government’s reaction is a mere political consideration than a justice to the circumstances.

In fact nothing worthwhile can be affected so long as the security cover continues to be treated as an ornament of grandeur. If withdrawal of such cover leads to some leaders assassination (which has very remote possibility), then our great leaders should have that great heart to face the situation bravely. There would be lacs in this country to “condemn such crime in strongest words” – not from within a security cover but from open streets.


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