Marketeer’s Victim

One lazy Sunday two young men come to your home; each of them carrying a sizable sack. They politely ask for permission to demonstrate an equipment. On further enquiry they reveal that they have a machine which can do away with floor sweeping.

The lady of the house immediately gets interested at the prospect of a neat floor without bending one’s waist and the young men are ushered in.

Soon all the members of the family flock around with inquisitiveness written all over. Now the demo starts.

First they brief you of the huge health risk you are living with – with cobwebs, dusty carpets, dirty window grills and filth in many other unapproachable corners of your house. Last but not the least is the pride of middle class possession – the car; full of dust on the floor & seats. Well for each of these, there is a nozzle and a cleanliness hitherto unknown.

In a brief 45 minutes its almost a consensus that the family deserves a cleaner home & that the Vacuum Cleaner is a must. An expense of 12K, which otherwise would take weeks of deliberation, gets approved in seconds.

In two days the equipment joins the list of pride of possession.

One moth and three usage later the family is again in the market. This time to shop for a duster for the Vacuum Cleaner which by now has found a place amongst the not-so-useful things. 😀

Loved the middle class & kudos to the marketing brain which creates its own demand.

But that’s not the end. Of late Scheming Politicians have proven to be top rung marketeers. But cleaning them with a social duster is a real heavy task, at times injuring the owner.

So next time around when a marketeer visits you with a wide grin and pep talk, check out for the hidden gnarl first.


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